About Massage Therapy


Each person is unique, and like their blueprint, we as therapists must create a treatment suitable to each one’s needs. Whether it be for chronic pain, injury, or occupational stress, massage therapy offers something for everyone of all ages.


We as therapists manipulate muscle, connective tissue, ligaments and joints to help decrease pain, increase mobility, aid in circulation and even help improve sleep. Massage therapy has been used to treat all types of conditions including; muscle strain, spasm, sciatica, headaches, tendonitis, whiplash, pregnancy but more importantly, has a profound effect on the nervous system. With these positive effects, means a decrease in anxiety, increase in relaxation and immune function which lends to better overall homeostatic function.


It’s with utmost importance that we focus our energies not only on our physical beings, but on our mental health as well. So many physical ailments are a direct result of stress, and our inability to relax and decompress. Make the time for yourself today!